A Short History

Vermin Brewing was founded in 1992 in Chino, California (USA). The small home brewery produced five different beers in its first year. Since then, it has produced many more, each with its own special label. Over the years, many rat mascots have provided support and inspiration to the small team.

Our founders
Vermin Brewing - proud to have combined two wonderful creations, beer and rats,
into one great idea!

In April 1993, the VB International Research Team was dispatched to Munich, Germany. Their purpose was no longer the brewing of beer but rather the sampling of it.

In October 1995, the team transferred to a Dutch headquarters in Weert, The Netherlands, where they continued to collect over 3,000 different beer labels and almost 70 different beer glasses.

In 2001, Vermin Brewing began the complex task of relocating its facility, this time to Boulder, Colorado (USA). The new location would provide them ample space, along with unsurpassed fresh mountain air for the mascots and clean clear water for brewing.